UT4 Servers ZA - Would you like to help?


Hello UnrealZA community,

I represent https://www.specternetworks.com/gaming and we are interested in hosting servers for the ZA community. We are mainly interested in Unreal Tournament 4, but Unreal Tournament 3 and 2004 will also be considered.

While we know there are currently about 2 or so South African Unreal Tournament 4 ZA servers, we would like to start building up a community. I myself want to see this game grow, especially in South Africa, however, we can’t do this without having some control over the servers. Therefore we propose hosting more servers on our side.

We would like to “get ahead of the competition” by getting the dedicated players to manage our servers.

How we generally work via ranking and server setup:

  1. The “Manager” is interviewed by our head staff, and if we are satisfied we appoint the manager to his position on our TeamSpeak server, as well as grant access to the server itself via TeamViewer/RDP/VNC (whatever your choice is). This is someone who is experienced in setting up the server, or is very willing to learn. We will try to help as much as we can, we have lots of experience in setting up most game servers.

  2. The “Manager” is allowed to appoint one Head Staff member, who also has access to the physical server, but this is only once approved by head staff members.

  3. Admins and moderators are up to the manager and head admin to decide, it is their responsibility to keep them in line, but we will intervene if there are serious problems.

Server resources are not a problem, we have dedicated servers across South Africa, which will ensure great ping and gameplay for players.

I would love if anyone is interested to get back to me at shock@specternetworks.com, as well as filling out a manager/rank application. I would love to speak with anyone who is interested on TeamSpeak as well if possible. We are online most of the time, our address is: ts.specternetworks.com

Manager application: https://www.specternetworks.com/gaming/manager-rank-application/
Rank (admin/mod) application: https://www.specternetworks.com/gaming/rank-application/
Our website: https://www.specternetworks.com


when are the servers coming up.


Hey there! We have been testing a single hub for 3 months, we are almost at a point of a release stage, as the community is almost at the size we want but we would like to help build it even further. Upon release the server’s config is final and it stays online 24/7 - we’ll expand from then with community game modes and so on to keep you guys interested.


I did also get your application a while ago btw, we were very excited you wanted to join however we couldn’t reach you by any of the methods you listed to be contacted by. You can drop me an email at technical@specternetworks.com or come message on TeamSpeak. I idle a lot so just hang out in the UT4 channell and I’ll get to you ASAP.


Its all good. Im running a hub now. Its called UT ZA Community server.
Running on Centos.

If you guys need help fixing your server just message me on discord crocopede#8132


Awesome, I can’t see yours but ours is up atm, Specter Networks - I’d love if we can come together and chat about some things, would you maybe mind mailing me at jean-pierre@specternetworks.com - we have a manager for the game but are looking for other staff who know their stuff.


I can host a server for us free of charge. Just need to remember how.