South African UT4 hub is up!


Recently, Specter Networks has created a hub (Going by the name of “Specter Networks”) for all South African UT players, it is currently online and ready to go!

My contact details are in the hub description, so feel free to give suggestions and such.


Awesome!! I left this game for awhile after making a Hub and not getting any activity. Glad to see there is now at least two running on great machines!! Thanks


Well, well, well and I thought after all this time UT2K4 was dead … well I hope UT2K4 is not dead and there is a server running :slight_smile:, will install and see what I can find.


Wow, you still alive you old timmer.


LOL yeh still kicking, what you been up to most these days I jam Diablo 3 but so wished their was a UT 2K4 server around. We had so much fun back then :slight_smile. Great to hear from you Slayer.


Likewise bud. I’m a slave to Valve’s csgo atm… A 2k4 server would be interesting. Those were the day’s of some awesome 5v5’s.


Hey bud

long time no see hahaha

I’ve been running a UT2K4 server for a very long time… there is still one around :slight_smile:

We should jam a game sometime…