Looking for gamers


Looking for UT4 duelers and players, this game seems to be quite dead.


I’m actually installing it as we speak, we can play this week if you’re keen.


Great, my IGN is nochill69


Had some good fun on the international servers thus far. Would be good if we had more players on local servers,


Sup bitches :grinning: long time no see, glad to see Shrimp is still active, how many of the old gang is still on the go? Will install and dust off my copy of UT2K4 to see if I can join for a few games :smile:




Active is a bit of strong term. :stuck_out_tongue:


That is just sad, ok then, do we have a UT2K4 server running?


Highly doubt it unfortunately.

It probably sounds a bit weak, but for casual games these days I’d hope someone with a good ADSL or fibre link could just host a match. The pings should be mostly low enough to not give the host too much advantage, unless you’re playing a serious duel :confused:


I only have a 4MB ADSL line bud, fiber is coming later this year so for now if my line will help I would run a server lol, but I highly dought it.


Sup okes, long time indeed, yeah I’m keen as well, time is very limited tho, but I might be able to squeeze in a game or two (2004 / UT4, whatever)

btw good job Shrimp looks lekka.